Amid the news that Hulu’s owners are putting it up for sale, Variety’s Andrew Wallenstein writes that Fox and Hulu are close to a deal to renew Fox’s content on the service. That’s not a surprise since Fox parent News Corp is one of Hulu’s owners, but the deal will reportedly carry increased volume of ads for Fox shows.  That’s not surprising either, we’ve been writing for years that sooner or later ad volume would have to increase.  The bigger surprise is that Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, who has been resistant to increased ad loads,  has been able to hold off on that up until now. That may be one of the reasons the owners are putting the company up for sale!

It’s unclear whether Fox is looking to increase to the full volume of ads that normally run on TV (and potentially have Hulu viewing within three days of telecast counted in the ratings used to sell advertising), but look for the other networks to follow suit.

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