I don’t know if I will stick with these posts, it’s not exactly the traffic driver that O’Reilly vs. Olbermann is, but I figure since I’m looking at this stuff anyway, it’s not any extra work either.

This week I added in Mediaite.  So far as I know Nikki Finke is not feuding with Mediate as she is with The Wrap, and the sites aren’t exactly in competition, but Mediaite has their PR person send out e-mails every month about how great they are doing and so they are on my radar.

I think as things go, Mediaite is actually doing very well.  The Wrap had at least a few months head-start in terms of its major launch (its been around a bit longer, but their major push was last spring while Mediaite launched in July).

All three sites are directly measured on Quantcast, here are the results for the past month:

quantcast comps

One thing to note about Quantcast’s “People” metric is that it will almost always be lower than what sites will self report from their own statistics like Google Analytics.  The reason the number is lower is simple — Quantcast attempts to account for cookies and cookie deletion.  It also attempts to account for the same person visiting a site from multiple computers.  As a result, this number will be lower than typical “unique visitor” counts.

But you can see that with the exception of The Wrap’s huge spike on the 27th, Mediaite held the advantage vs. The Wrap for most of the month.

On to page views:

quantcast comps 3

I decided I’d go ahead and ad TVbytheNumbers.com to the grid. It’s not like it isn’t my favorite website or anything!  Ok, sure, I’m biased.  But there’s another bias at work in our favor that is technological in nature rather than a result of human nature.  TVbytheNumbers actually has an advantage over The Wrap and Mediaite simply by virtue of being around longer.  Time is your friend with Google searching and so my guess is just by having a year and a half head start over The Wrap and a two year head start over Mediaite, we are getting more traffic from Google searching.  That benefit should erode over time.

On the other hand, we’re not paying staff and The Wrap and Mediaite have to be burning a fair bit of cash right now.  I’m guessing the person at Mediaite who mails out the press releases celebrating Mediate’s early growth isn’t working for free.   Cash burn aside, both are producing good content and hopefully both will see their traffic trend up over time, but it’s a tough model to make work with their expense structures. At least without the  conferences!

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