fridaynightsmackdownIt’s not a “getcha popcorn ready” situation yet, but  CBS isn’t taking Hulu pulling its content off CBS’ without at least a war of the words.

“CBS Interactive is well within its rights to stream Hulu video content on under its agreement with Hulu. We are evaluating our next steps at this time,” read a statement released CBS Corp according to the Wall Street Journal Digits blog.

Hulu pulled its content from on Wednesday and said it was exercising rights within the contract.   But the distribution agreement was made prior to CBS Corps acquisition of CNET (CNET owned

Hulu is a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp.  Since its re-launch in January, has been growing like a weed and already has more monthly unique visitors than Hulu (5.9 million vs. 4.5 million according to Nielsen).  It’s an interesting situation because of Hulu’s business model is making money off of selling ads in its videos, extra distribution via seems like a good thing.  But the notion of Hulu content helping the CBS owned to grow is sure to ruffle more than a few old school feathers at NBC Uni and News Corp.

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