The other day I posted that reruns of The Andy Griffith Show on TV Land in July accounted for nearly as much viewing as all of Hulu for July based on Nielsen data for Andy Griffith and comScore data for Hulu.

Commenter Bryan Alford suggested that I should’ve used SpongeBob for the comparison instead of the sheriff of Mayberry, but I had deliberately gone with something more obscure because I thought putting Hulu up against something as massive as SpongeBob (even in reruns) was unfair. I didn’t want to make Hulu bring a plastic spoon to a gun fight.

In the single week of July 19-25, all the telecasts of SpongeBob accounted for about 5.4 billion viewing minutes compared to Hulu’s 4.5 billion minutes for the entire month. So for the whole month, by himself in his pineapple under the sea, SpongeBob’s viewing on Nickelodeon (and Nicktoons) was more than four times bigger than all viewing on  Hulu.

I hate to beat the dead horse until it’s a woolly mammoth, but comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni had an excellent writeup on why Internet companies burn so much cash advertising on television and I wanted an excuse to use the chart below:

Keep in mind that the biggest percentage of time spent watching video on the Internet is still for viewing of short clips and not long form video.

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