August 24th, 2014 marked the end of an era with True Blood’s series finale (Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t seen the finale yet.) True Blood, based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries (novels) by Charlaine Harris focused on the co-existence of humans and vampires in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

True Blood Season 1 had a modest beginning according to Google Trends, where the finale garnered the least amount of interest the series has seen.

However, the show picked up pace and the pattern it showed through the series has been consistent: the show picks up slowly, reaches the highest spike of interest mid-season and follows a lull up until the finale.

True Blood Season Finales

The premiere of Season 2, aired in June 2009, rose to 64 on a scale of 100 (Google normalizes its graphs so the peak search activity has a value of 100). It peaked at 100 in August and fell back to a 63 for the September finale. The peak could be justified by the intimacy seen between Sookie and Eric (for the fans who were waiting for it!).

The Season 3 premiere did slightly better than its predecessor, starting off with a 68 in June 2010, reaching 84 in August and finally ending at the lowest of the season, 51. The introduction of werewolves, werepanthers and faeries (the show’s spelling!) clearly wasn’t enough to grip the viewers till the end.

In June 2011, despite having a premiere viewership of 5.42 million, the interest online in the season started off with a poor 53, hitting its peak in July at 59 with episode plots dealing with Eric’s amnesia and his relationship with Sookie before plummeting to 46 for the finale showcasing Tara’s death (not the true kind) and Sookie picking herself over Eric and Bill.

Continuing the slow decline of interest, True Blood Season 5 premiere scored 51 on the interest scale, the highest for the season that primarily dealt with flashbacks, plans to kill Russell Edgington (yet again) and Bill’s reincarnation as “Billith,” and fell into a gradual descent reaching 40 by the end of the season.

Season 6 could only generate a 36 at the start of the season which was the highest for the season on the whole and ended with a slightly lesser score of 34 which could be attributed to the replacement of Allan Ball as the showrunner by Brian Buckner and/or the plethora of supernatural creatures added to the plot.

The last season of the series saw its poorest rate of interest, coming in at 35 in June and ending with a slight increase at 36 in August during the series finale (Check out the Nielsen ratings here).  The show came to an end with Bill seeking the True Death; Pam and Eric advertising New Blood, a combatant for Hep V; Jessica and Hoyt getting married, and Jason enjoying domesticity with Brigette. The show ended with the entire happy cast enjoying Thanksgiving dinner in Bon Temps few years down the line where Sookie appears to be pregnant.

Despite being the most watched show on HBO after The Sopranos, the fans are a little relieved that the show met its True Death.

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