Mike Vorhaus of Frank N. Magid Associates wrote a column for this week’s advertising age about a survey on use of unauthorized sites.

We also asked consumers if they thought they would use these sites more in the future, and 15% of all age groups said yes. Perhaps of even more concern, among consumers who have not watched video online regularly, about 15% expect to use unauthorized sites in the next year.


The conclusions on increased use of unauthorized sites  aren’t surprising, though I do agree that it is more concerning that even 15% of  people who don’t watch online video regularly expect they will be accessing video via unauthorized means more in the future.   I’m more concerned though that people said they would be using the unauthorized sites more at a higher rate than the sanctioned sites. 

I am at least a little surprised that  50% of the people don’t expect to use the TV Network sites at all, and 70% don’t expect to use Hulu at all in the next 12 months. The networks will be delighted if the survey results bear out.   It might sound weird that NBC and FOX (who own Hulu) will be happy  if 70% don’t use their service at all, but they will be because that means instead those people will be opting for good old television.

While we’ve said all along that so far online hasn’t been a big threat to television (cable networks are a much bigger issue for the broadcast networks than online is)  those Hulu  numbers seem perhaps optimistic from a TV-centric perspective, especially  among  the coveted 18-49 year old advertising demographic.   It will be interesting to see what results such a survey produces a year from now.

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