There is a world where Syfy’s Stargate Universe is more important than MTV’s Snooki & The Situation and CW’s Supernatural is more important than American Idol.  That is the world of Trendrr which tracks social network activity.  Some might consider it an imaginary world based on the results.

I don’t really care to pick it apart, it’s just that anything that has SGU at the top of the cable pyramid and Supernatural atop the broadcast world isn’t particularly useful at predicting actual viewing in the U.S. So beyond entertainment purposes I don’t have much use for it. It’s probably little consolation for SGU fans (though I have no doubt Brazilian Supernatural fans will be all “haha, suck it Smallville!”).

Even before seeing that a special 15 minute preview of HBO’s Game of Thrones only drew 720,000 viewers, I’d been wondering if it is shaping up to be the next Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  Last summer, Scott Pilgrim absolutely dominated Twitter trending for days, even while it was bombing at the box office.

Game of Thrones looks to have plenty of Internet buzz in the days leading up to its premiere on April 17. But that buzz doesn’t always translate into results. Ask an SGU fan.


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