An Ad Age headline suggests that TBS is selling ads for $30,000-$40,000 per 30 second spot for Conan’s new TBS show, close to what Tonight Show and Late Show make in terms of 30 second spot costs

“The value they are charging is in the ballpark” of the broadcast networks’ late-night prices, said one buyer. The price of a 30-second ad on “Tonight” or “Late Show” can range from $30,000 to $45,000, buyers estimated.

But then the sub headline suggests maybe it isn’t so because package deals complicate the comparisons.  There are packages deals that call for ads to also run in repeats of Conan’s show later the same night, and there are also package deals that include ads in Lopez Tonight.   It also appears there are package deals that run across multiple shows on multiple Turner networks.

Arranging such parcels of ad inventory prompts the question of whether it lowers the ultimate cost of a single ad unit. “I don’t think anybody that I represent has bought a ‘Conan-only’ package,” said one media-buying executive. “Most advertisers do business across multiple dayparts with the network, and actually with both of their entertainment networks, so it’s hard to isolate [a single unit price].” Turner also owns TNT, as well as TruTV, Cartoon Network and TCM. Broadcast networks also make use of packages to sell late-night programs, ad buyers said.

Rather than prompting the question of whether it lowers the ultimate cost of a single ad unit, it instead seems to answer it.

Read the full story for ratings predictions and demand for purchasing ads.

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