The LA Times has an update on the Fox & Conan saga today. Not a whole lot of new information other than the fact that a Fox exec claims they and Conan have “a deal we can live with”. One of Conan’s people claiming “We’ll get there”.

Some new items in the piece you may not have seen before:

  • If Conan goes to Fox he may be delayed until January because of existing syndication agreements blocking certain time periods at some Fox affiliates.
  • Trying to get clearance across all Fox affiliates at a uniform time is a major hurdle. A non-uniform time is much more difficult to market.
  • Fox wants to spend $60 million a year on the show vs. the $90 million that was spent on The Tonight Show by NBC.
  • It’s possible that a new Conan show might use the same soundstage (leased from NBC) that he used for the Tonight Show.
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