Ah Internet, you love Betty White so.  So do I, going back to her days as Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

But some fans seem to think Betty White will drive the biggest ratings Saturday Night Live will have all year or even in years.

That seems very unlikely.

The two highest-rated SNL’s of the year have something in common:  big lead-ins.  Charles Barkley’s turn at host on January 9 is still the highest-rated SNL this year.  It followed the NFL Wild Card game (Eagles vs. Cowboys) on NBC.   Last night’s SNL hosted by Jennifer Lopez was the second highest-rated SNL of the year, and it had a big night (at least for a Saturday) of the Olympics as its lead-in.

What does NBC have coming down the pike for the remainder of the year that will provide NFL playoff or Olympic style lead-ins?

What rhymes with nothing?


Next week, Saturday reverts to a wasteland in primetime.  With or without Betty White, that’s not great news for Saturday Night Live.

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