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Tony La Russa, manager of the 2011 World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals, talks about today’s announcement of his retirement from baseball, the World Series win and what possible career could be next for him, on the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, Monday, Oct. 31.


“Congratulations on your third World Series,” Letterman said.  “St. Louis – a great baseball town, isn’t it, by God?”  “You don’t like to disparage anybody else, David,” La Russa said, “but it’s a unique place ‘cause most places, they’re with you win or tie, but with them, it’s win or lose.”   “But now, by gosh, here you are, and you’re talking about retiring,” Letterman said.  “Now, you look like a kid to me sitting there.  Now, I know baseball can really take a toll on a guy.  I mean, all of those games, spring training and the playoffs, night after night after night.  Are you serious about retiring?”  “Yeah,” La Russa said, “I just announced it this morning, and, you know, 33 years of doing it, it’s time to give somebody else a shot at that great St. Louis job.  And, you know, it got to where I was getting – I was taking things personal.  We had a strategy that I took a little personally…And the players said, ‘Just get so far ahead that you couldn’t screw it up.’ And, you know, it worked, but that’s not really the place I should be.”  “But now,” Letterman said, “is it possible – you’re still a young man – to walk away from baseball?  Will you be active in it somehow?”  “You know,” La Russa said, “I signed when I was 17 years old.  That’s almost 50 years ago, and that’s all I know…So, I keep waiting for the phone to ring, and it’s going to be a little scary if it doesn’t ring.  I actually got a job offer this afternoon, I swear…I did, I swear.  My wife and I, we started a foundation about companion animal rescue, but there’s a group called Performing Animal Welfare Society just outside of Sacramento…and they offered me a job as an elephant keeper.  I told them I’ll interview, I’m all for it,” which had Letterman and the audience laughing.


Letterman later brought out the World Series trophy from behind his desk and had La Russa laughing when he said, “I had this made up for you and the boys.”  Letterman continued to say, “But it’s easier sometimes in baseball to come back from…a victory, a big victory than it is to come from a loss, isn’t it?”  “You know,” La Russa replied, “that’s such a truism that’s missed many times by us in uniform and fans that you meet all the time.  They think if you win a great game, like we won that great Game 6, that the next day, you’re flying high and the other team is low, and the opposite happens.  You come back the next day and everybody’s still celebrating, and you lose a competitive edge.  The other side has a chip on their shoulder…We had great leadership, and this is a really neat, true story.  When we walked in – ” and La Russa paused a moment during the interview to throw a kiss to the trophy on Letterman’s desk – “the veterans and the coaches, we went around to all the players and we said, ‘Put Game 6, that great – put it in a little box.  Don’t ever think about it again.  Start from scratch in Game 7.’  It was very good for us.”  La Russa’s entire interview can be seen on the LATE SHOW tonight (11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.


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