The Emmy Awards are not the Billboard Music Awards: How many people watch a given show doesn’t determine who’s nominated or who wins.

But it’s notable that in the age of Peak TV, three of the six top-rated shows among the series nominees (“The Voice,” “American Ninja Warrior” and “Dancing With the Stars”) are in the reality category. More than half of the nominees whose ratings are known have adults 18-49 numbers below 1.0.

Following is a list of series nominees (see the full list of nominees here) ranked by their adults 18-49 ratings, with average viewership listed as well. All numbers are live + same-day, as that makes for the easiest apples-to-apples comparison across platforms.

The top of the rankings will be skewed toward broadcast shows, as it’s still the biggest aggregator of eyeballs in one place at one time. Recent Emmy history suggests that while this is a fun exercise, “Game of Thrones” excepted it’s not necessarily a very good predictor for the actual awards on Sept. 18.

Unknown: The 4 streaming nominees

Streaming services don’t release viewing data, so we don’t know how many people watch “House of Cards,” “Master of None” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Netflix or “Transparent” on Amazon. What little third-party data there is on streaming shows suggest they’d fall somewhere in the middle of the list.

Partially known: ‘Downton Abbey’ (PBS, drama series)

PBS says the final season of “Downton” averaged 8.9 million same-day viewers, which would rank third among the nominees below. Demographic numbers weren’t available but it would likely rank in the Top 10.

20. ‘The Night Manager’ (AMC, limited series)

Adults 18-49: 0.2 rating. Viewers: 793,000.

19. ‘The Americans’ (FX, drama series)

Adults 18-49: 0.3. Viewers: 910,000.

18. ‘Top Chef’ (Bravo, reality-competition series)

Adults 18-49: 0.4. Viewers: 1 million.

17. ‘Fargo’ (FX, limited series)

Adults 18-49: 0.4. Viewers: 1.3 million.

16. ‘Veep’ (HBO, comedy series)

Adults 18-49: 0.5. Viewers: 994,000.

15. ‘Mr. Robot’ (USA, drama series)

Adults 18-49: 0.5. Viewers: 1.39 million.

14. ‘Homeland’ (Showtime, drama series)

Adults 18-49: 0.5. Viewers: 1.53 million.

13. ‘Project Runway’ (Lifetime, reality-competition series)

Adults 18-49: 0.6. Viewers: 2.15 million.

12. ‘Silicon Valley’ (HBO, comedy series)

Adults 18-49: 0.9. Viewers: 1.75 million.

11. ‘Better Call Saul’ (AMC, drama series)

Adults 18-49: 0.9. Viewers: 2.16 million.

10. ‘American Crime’ (ABC, limited series)

Adults 18-49: 0.9. Viewers: 3.72 million.

9. ‘Roots’ (History, limited series)

Adults 18-49: 1.1. Viewers: 4.12 million.*
(*Averages for four-channel simulcast on History, Lifetime, A&E and LMN. On History only it averaged a 0.4 and 1.56 million viewers.)

8. ‘The Amazing Race’ (CBS, reality-competition series)

Adults 18-49: 1.1. Viewers: 5.77 million.

7. ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ (FX, limited series)

Adults 18-49: 1.3. Viewers: 3.29 million.

6. ‘Black-ish’ (ABC, comedy series)

Adults 18-49: 1.8. Viewers: 5.85 million.

5. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (ABC, reality-competition series)

Adults 18-49: 1.8. Viewers: 11.97 million.

4. ‘American Ninja Warrior’ (NBC, reality-competition series)

Adults 18-49: 1.9. Viewers: 6.54 million.*
(*Ratings for the summer 2015 season. The current season will be eligible for next year’s Emmys.)

3. ‘Modern Family’ (ABC, comedy series)

Adults 18-49: 2.6. Viewers: 7.92 million.

2. ‘The Voice’ (NBC, reality-competition series)

Adults 18-49: 2.6. Viewers: 11.15 million.*
(*Averages for all episodes on all nights it aired.)

1. ‘Game of Thrones’ (HBO, drama series)

Adults 18-49: 3.9. Viewers: 7.69 million.

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