Tales from reboot land, courtesy of FOX’s time Tuesday at the summer TV press tour:

The network canceled “24: Legacy” in early June after a single season — but FOX isn’t ready to shut the door completely on the franchise.

FOX chairman Dana Walden tells reporters that another iteration of “24” could be in the offing. It would move away from the fictional Counter Terrorism Unit that employed Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins), with the real-time conceit deployed for any number of settings.

Walden says the show’s producers “have a really exciting idea that I thought was very compelling, but we’re at very early stages.”

“We’re really exploring what the future [of ’24’] might be,” she says. There’s a chance it could become a “Fargo”/”American Horror Story”-ish anthology, resetting season to season.

The first season of “24” premiered in 2001, and its original run came to a close in 2010. That’s one year after long-running animated series “King of the Hill” wrapped — and yep, Walden says FOX is also thinking about bringing Hank, Dale and the folks from Arlen, Texas, back to life.

Walden says the network has had a “very preliminary” conversation with “King of the Hill” creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels about reviving the show — which, even if it were to be greenlit now, would probably not be on the air for a year or so, given the long production schedule for animation.

“It was really just a first exploratory, ‘Are you excited about this? Is there potential in that future?’ And they were both excited about it, but they’re working on a lot of different things individually, so it’s about finding time.”

Also from FOX’s time at press tour: “Wayward Pines” is not totally dead yet, and the door is open for more “Prison Break” if the show’s team hits on an idea it wants to explore. Valar morghulis, except in television.

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