TV viewers can look forward to spending some more time in the violent, sci-fi universe of “Altered Carbon.”

Over six months after the sci-fi crime series made its debut back in February of this year, Netflix has officially renewed “Altered Carbon” for an 8-episode second season today. No clear premiere date has been set for the next season, though, with Alison Schapker (“Fringe,” “Alias”) joining Laeta Kalogridis as a new co-showrunner on the series.

That isn’t the only major change that will be taking place in its second season either, with “Captain America” and “Avengers” actor, Anthony Mackie, reportedly set to replace season 1 star, Joel Kinnaman, in the lead role of Takeshi Kovacs. The news of which doesn’t come as much of a surprise for those who watched the show’s first season all the way through, as it ended with some strong hints that Kinnaman would be replaced, should “Altered Carbon” ever return for another season.

Based on the sci-fi, steampunk novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan, “Altered Carbon” takes place centuries in the future, when humanity has achieved immortality with a technology that allows human consciousness to be transferred into multiple different bodies (or “sleeves” as they are referred to in the show). The first season focused on Kovacs, when he is awoken in the body of a disgraced police officer, and forced to solve the possible murder of prominent billionaire, Laurens Bancroft, in order to win his freedom.

The show’s first season not only ended with Kovacs shedding his “sleeve” for another, but had also already gone through the entirety of Morgan’s first book by the time everything was said and done. So whether or not the show’s second season will follow the same trajectory and story of the second novel in Morgan’s trilogy – titled “Broken Angels” – will have to wait to be seen.

Although, if it does, then the second season should have a much different feel and tone to it than the first, as the novel took place three decades after the first, and followed Kovacs as a member of a mercenary outfit, fighting a corporate war on an alien planet, where he is eventually assigned to find and secure a buried alien artifact.

Should the second season be as much of a success as the first, especially with a more prominent star like Mackie leading the way, then the possibilities for “Altered Carbon” to go through constant reboots at the start of every new season, each with a different lead star, could be limitless.

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