Epix is looking to break into the original scripted programming space this year, and with it, they’re bringing three original new series.

Today, the network announced that both “Berlin Station,” a contemporary spy thriller,  and “Graves,” a comedy from Lionsgate TV will premiere later this year on October 16. In addition, their third announced series, “Get Shorty,” based on the film of the same name, while still being in pre-production has just signed Alan Coulter to direct the pilot episode.

Coming during a particularly turbulent year in the political world, “Graves” is a political satire starring Nick Nolte, and tells the story of a president 20 years after his presidency, who decides to begin righting all of the wrongs he committed while in office.

Meanwhile, “Berlin Station” is set during the modern day and follows a CIA operative who is transferred to the Berlin station to become an undercover agent, tasked with finding out the identity of a source who recently leaked top secret information to a now famous whistleblower.

Posted by:Alex Welch

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