When The CW announced its winter and spring premieres Wednesday, it also noted that first-year series “Frequency” and “No Tomorrow” wouldn’t be going beyond their initial 13-episode orders.

The network didn’t come right out and say that, of course. It only noted that the two shows would have their season finales in January (the 17th for “No Tomorrow” and the 25th for “Frequency”). Both shows have underperformed in the ratings vs. their respective time periods last season, so ending after 13 isn’t a surprise for either one.

Normally, this kind of non-announcement would be a death knell for a show — and that may end up being the case for “Frequency” and “No Tomorrow” as well. Both shows are averaging just a 0.3 rating in adults 18-49, and they don’t get much of a lift with delayed viewing either (“Frequency” rises to a 0.5 after three days of DVR and on-demand catchup, “No Tomorrow to a 0.4).

There’s a new-era wrinkle to the story of The CW shows, however — and to a degree “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” as well, as it’s ending in early February. As part of a new-ish streaming deal with Netflix, full seasons of CW shows will be available just eight days after their season finales. No more waiting until after the full TV season has ended.

Netflix doesn’t share streaming data publicly, but presumably it does with partners to whom it’s paying hundreds of millions of dollars for their content. That means The CW will have a good three months to see whether people discover “Frequency” or “No Tomorrow” or “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (whose first season is already on the service) on Netflix and whether, based on that, new seasons for any of them in 2017-18 make sense.

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