Two veteran ABC game shows have found new life on the network today.

ABC has officially renewed both “Celebrity Family Feud” and “$100,000 Pyramid” for new seasons, the network announced this morning during the TCAs summer press tour. For the Steve Harvey-hosted “Feud,” this will be the series’ fourth season, while the Michael Strahan-hosted “Pyramid” will now be returning for its third.

This news comes following another game show renewal made by the network this morning after ABC already greenlit Alec Baldwin’s “Match Game” for another season. In addition to “Match Game,” “Celebrity Family Feud” and “$100,000 Pyramid” have been part of a successful lineup of annual summer programming on the network, making these some of the more predictable renewals of the season.

“The politically correct reason that ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ has struck a chord is because it’s a great show where people can play along at home and everyone can join in on the fun,” Steve Harvey said in a statement, released today in conjunction with the renewal. “The true reason it’s a success is because they went and got me to host. It’s been a blessing to host this show, I’m one of those people who loves what they’re doing.”

Meanwhile, Michael Strahan had this to say about “Pyramid’s” renewal:

“Returning for Season 3 definitely goes under the category ‘Things That Are Awesome.’ It has been such an honor continuing the legacy of the legendary Dick Clark as host of ‘Pyramid.’ Looking forward to another season of giving away ABC’s money.”

Make sure to stay tuned for any more updates still to come.

Posted by:Alex Welch

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