CBS has picked up more episodes of “Elementary” for the show’s yet-to-debut sixth season.

The network initially ordered 13 episodes for 2017-18 with the intention to launch it after the midway point of the season. It has added eight more, for a total of 21.

CBS hasn’t released any midseason schedules yet, but the beefing up of “Elementary’s” episode count suggests it will be on the air in the relatively near future.

The news comes just a couple days after the network said it would stop freshman series “Wisdom of the Crowd” after 13 episodes. “Elementary,” which aired on Sundays last season, could fill that spot without CBS having to make too big a promotional push.

“Wisdom of the Crowd” is off this week for a “Carol Burnett Show” retrospective but it scheduled to air at least one more episode in December. If CBS decides to fit the entire run of “Wisdom” in before the end of the calendar year, it could.

“Elementary” was one of CBS’ lowest-rated shows last season, but it’s produced by the network’s sibling studio and has healthy syndication and streaming deals. You can likely expect to see it on the air in the first couple months of 2018.

Posted by:Rick Porter

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