The schedules are set, the trailers are out and the drinks have (mostly) stopped flowing in New York as the broadcast network upfronts draw to a close.

In May, every new show is a potential hit. Come fall, we know that won’t happen. But which of the 19 new network series has the best shot at drawing an audience and sticking around past the 2016-17 season.

The poll below lists eight shows that, by some combination of placement on the schedule, fit with its network cohorts and (perceived, at this point) general quality, seem to have a pretty good shot. Vote on which you think has the best survival chance (or add your own answer) and talk it out in the comments.


Posted by:Rick Porter

Rick Porter has been covering TV since the days when networks sent screeners on VHS, one of which was a teaser for the first season of "American Idol." He's left-handed, makes a very solid grilled cheese and has been editor of TV by the Numbers since October 2015. He lives in Austin.

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