With the 2017-18 TV season fast approaching, TV by the Numbers is breaking down each night of the broadcast networks’ schedule. We’ll look for competitive time periods and new shows with a chance to break out — or fall on their faces.

Monday nights this fall will offer a mix of (very) well-established veterans and a sizable number of newcomers. “The Voice” and “Dancing With the Stars” return to their long-time homes, and “The Big Bang Theory” starts its season leading off CBS’ comedy block as it’s done the past two years.

It also features more new series — six — than any other night of the schedule. That increases the chances that the way the schedule looks now won’t be how it looks at the end of the season.

The schedule

All times ET/PT. New shows in italics.

8 p.m. 8:30 p.m. 9 p.m. 9:30 p.m. 10 p.m. 10:30 p.m.
ABC Dancing With the Stars The Good Doctor
CBS (Sept.-Oct.) The Big Bang Theory 9JKL Kevin Can Wait My, Myself & I Scorpion
CBS (starting Oct. 30) Kevin Can Wait 9JKL Me, Myself & I Superior Donuts Scorpion
The CW Supergirl Valor
FOX Lucifer (new time period) The Gifted
NBC The Voice The Brave


The heavyweights

“The Big Bang Theory” was broadcast TV’s top-rated show (excluding sports) among adults 18-49 last season. Once it leaves for Thursday, “The Voice” — a top-15 series last year — and “Dancing With the Stars” (top 30) will most likely be the biggest shows.

The newcomers

Each network has at least one new show in its Monday lineup. At ABC, it’s medical drama “The Good Doctor,” starring Freddie Highmore and created by “House’s” David Shore. CBS has a pair of comedies, “9JKL” and “Me, Myself and I.” FOX’s “The Gifted” is a Marvel show in the X-Men universe. Both NBC’s “The Brave” and The CW’s “Valor” use the military as a backdrop.

The battle

The most interesting ratings race will probably be at 10 p.m.

“Scorpion” is a decent performer for CBS but took a sizable ratings hit last season, falling 33 percent year to year. It’s an average show in terms of ratings, no more.

“The Brave” should get a nice lead-in audience from “The Voice,” and the bar for success is lower there than it used to be. At least in the early going, look for it to emerge on top. ABC has really nowhere to go but up after last season’s weak “Conviction”/”Quantico” combination following “DWTS.” If “The Good Doctor” can’t build on that, yikes.

The forecast

Last season showed that the two competition shows, CBS’ comedies and FOX’s comic-book series could all co-exist in the first two hours of primetime. (“Supergirl” did just fine for The CW too.)

The basic blueprint for the night isn’t really any different this time around. That said, the feeling here is the numbers for CBS’ comedy block, especially once “Big Bang” leaves its temporary home, will look more like they did this past spring — which is to say, so-so at best — than they did last fall. There seems to be some interest in “The Gifted,” which could give FOX a lift.

If “The Brave” can keep itself in the mid-1s among adults 18-49, that should be enough to earn a full season. Anything above 1.0 would be a victory for “The Good Doctor.” “Valor” is part “Courage Under Fire” and (larger) part standard-issue CW soap, but given the network’s renewal bias, any kind of pulse will probably be deemed sufficient.

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