Netflix continues its recent streak of cancellations, and its latest victim is none other than freshman comedy series, “Girlboss.”

The streaming service has officially canceled the based-on-a-true-story, Britt Robertson-led series after just one season. Created by Kay Cannon (“Pitch Perfect”), “Girlboss” followed Robertson’s Sophia Amoruso in the early 2000s, when she discovered a passion for fashion and business, that eventually leads her to create the well-known women’s clothing line, Nasty Gal. The series was loosely based on the real Amoruso’s life and rise to fame. In addition to Robertson as Amoruso, the series also starred Ellie Reed, Johnny Simmons, Alphonso McAuley, RuPaul, and more.

Consisting of 13 episodes, “Girlboss” was one of Netflix’s more divisive shows of recent memory, receiving mostly lukewarm-to-negative reviews from critics, and any lingering discussions of it have been noticeably absent over the past few months since its late-April debut on the streaming service. So based solely on that, the decision not to move forward with another season of “Girlboss” doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

It’s even less shocking when looking at Netflix’s list of canceled shows, which has noticeably increased over the past few months. For several years, the streaming service was known for almost always renewing every original series it released, but after some public comments were made by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings about wanting the streaming service to begin canceling more shows, two of Netflix’s most ambitious series – “Sense8” and “The Get Down” – were cancelled by the corporation just a few weeks ago.

“Girlboss” now joins “Sense8” and “The Get Down” in that small list of shows to be canceled by the streaming service, which also includes “Marco Polo,” “Lilyhammer,” “Longmire,” “Hemlock Grove,” and “Bloodline.”

Posted by:Alex Welch

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