“The Defenders” is coming to Netflix in about a month, and new seasons of the individual shows for each hero on the Marvel super-team are set to follow.

Yes, even “Iron Fist.” Netflix announced a Season 2 pickup for the show Friday during its presentation at Comic-Con — which also included a trailer for new show “The Punisher” and a screening of the full first episode of “The Defenders.”

“Iron Fist” was the fourth of Netflix’s Marvel shows to debut, preceded by “Daredevil” (which has already aired two seasons), “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage” (one each). It was also the least well-received of the four, with critics lukewarm at best on the show’s first run, which debuted in March.

Netflix doesn’t release viewing figures for its shows. With “The Defenders” involving all four heroes and the investment Marvel and Netflix have made into the shows, however, the news of “Iron Fist’s” renewal doesn’t come as a very big surprise.

There’s no word yet on when Season 2 of “Iron Fist” will air. Marvel’s Jeph Loeb said at Comic-Con that “Luke Cage” character Misty Knight (Simone Missick) will be part of the season. The series joins these shows that have been renewed for 2017-18 and beyond.

“The Defenders” hits Netflix on Aug. 18.

Posted by:Rick Porter

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