CBS is still not saying “Limitless” is canceled, but it’s not coming back to CBS.

The first-year drama has been a subject of speculation for much of the past week; it’s the only remaining show on the network that hasn’t received an official yes or no for next season. Even talking to reporters Wednesday, CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller wouldn’t comment directly on the show’s future.

“Right now, we’re in discussion with other potential buyers, so I’d rather not comment on it at the moment,” Geller says. Could it land elsewhere? “Potentially, yeah.”

“Limitless” is produced by CBS Television Studios, so the larger company has an interest in seeing the show continue. But if the CBS network had wanted to renew it, it would be renewed, not shopped to other outlets.

In their talk with reporters Wednesday, CBS executives noted several shows on other networks this season that “looked like hits in October” but then faded later in the season. That could describe “Limitless” as well. After averaging a 1.5 same-day rating in adults 18-49 for its first 11 episodes, it managed only a 1.2 the rest of the way.

Posted by:Rick Porter

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