“Limitless” is now officially done, after CBS apparently failed to find another outlet interested in continuing the show. “Nashville” is done at ABC, although the studio that makes it insists it’s trying to keep it going elsewhere.

Whether anything comes of Lionsgate’s efforts to continue “Nashville” remains to be seen. But both its situation and that of “Limitless” illustrate that even in the Peak TV, nothing-really-dies era in which television currently operates, it’s still really tough to keep a show going when its original home no longer wants it.

But what about [insert revived show here]? Sure, “Supergirl” is moving to a new network in the fall. “Longmire” is rolling along on Netflix. “The Mindy Project” was recently renewed for another season on Hulu. Saves and revivals happen, and they happen somewhat more regularly now than they did even a few years ago.

But they’re still really, really uncommon.

When CBS released a 2015-16 schedule that didn’t have “Limitless” on it, the network said it was “in discussion with other potential buyers.” CBS’ sister studio produced the series, so it had some economic interest in seeing it make more episodes. A little more than a week later, however, those talks have apparently ended without any deal, and the show is officially canceled.

“Nashville” producer Lionsgate TV says it’s having “numerous talks” with other outlets about keeping the show going after its ridiculous cliffhanger (spoilers aplenty in that link) of a finale on ABC. For argument’s sake, let’s say the talks pan out and the show ends up airing somewhere else in 2016-17.

That would make three broadcast shows (“Supergirl” and “America’s Next Top Model” are the others) continuing their lives next season someplace other than where they initially aired. That’s three out of 38 broadcast shows that were canceled or ended this season — to say nothing of the dozens of cable and streaming shows that went away.

Die-hard “Nashville” fans are naturally rooting for a deal to get done. Experience dictates, however, that they shouldn’t hold their breath.

Posted by:Rick Porter

Rick Porter has been covering TV since the days when networks sent screeners on VHS, one of which was a teaser for the first season of "American Idol." He's left-handed, makes a very solid grilled cheese and has been editor of TV by the Numbers since October 2015. He lives in Austin.

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