After premiering on Amazon earlier this year, “Mad Dogs” has officially been canceled by the streaming service, with no order for a second season. The show’s executive producer, Shawn Ryan, confirmed the news Sunday on Twitter.

The series was originally conceived as a 10-episode limited series by original creator Chris Cole, and while ideas for a second season had begun to develop between the creative team, Ryan revealed that Amazon decided not to move forward with the series.

The dark comedy had garnered little promotion in the time leading up to or following its premiere, though it still managed to earn mostly positive reviews from critics. The streaming service was already planning on ending the series after the first season before it even premiered though, which accounts for the lack of real promotional efforts beforehand.

“Mad Dogs” is the first serialized drama that Amazon has not renewed for a second season, with the cancellation coming one day before the actors’ options expired. Word is that the actors themselves were reluctant to extend their options as well.

Starring Steve Zahn, Ben Chaplin, Michael Imperioli, and Romany Malco, “Mad Dogs” followed on a gang of fortysomething friends who travel to Belize for a celebration, which  turns into a web of lies, deception and murder. All ten episodes of the series are available on Amazon now.

Posted by:Alex Welch

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