The CW is my favorite network. I worked with some of their senior executives (Lori Openden in casting and Eric Cardinal in research) during the Must-See TV era, and they have brought their talent and experience to this little network that could. Kevin Levy, their head of scheduling, gets a chance to flex his muscles with an additional night of programming.

The CW has some of my favorite shows on television, and this coming season has the one pilot that I’m looking forward to — that is, until I actually see it. I may not watch everything on The CW, but I will always check the shows out.

The dirty little secret about The CW is that they actually program as many if not more hours of scripted shows than the four “bigger” networks. As network deliveries erode, their 18-49 numbers keep getting closer to parity with the Big 4.

If I were still scheduling, this is the network I would want to work for because it’s all about creating double features. Watching The CW is like going to the RKO Keiths or the Prospect Theater in downtown Flushing where, when I was a kid, they would offer two movies on Saturday mornings. I was always intrigued by the pairings (lots of grindhouse back then), and that’s the tradition The CW carries on. Heck, for all I know Mark Pedowitz was sitting near me at these double features.

Every night on The CW makes sense, and that is even more the case going into next season. They have chosen wisely for their expansion to Sunday night with the “Charmed” reimagining paired with “Supergirl.” The DC Universe is their Dick Wolf’s Chicago, but for me it’s been the other stuff that I really love. The CW does two types of shows that resonate with me: “Jane the Virgin” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” are both smart with heart, and “Riverdale” and “Dynasty” are dumb but fun.

It’s sad that next season is the last for two of the best shows on television — on any platform. It’s doubly sad that I will have to wait until 2019 for “JTV,” but I’ll get over it. I can’t wait for “In the Dark.” The CW has whiffed a bit of late in trying to add to their smart-with-heart canon, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

The CW knows who it is, and more than any other network, feels secure enough to take us on journeys to offbeat and different worlds. Virtually nothing is grounded (which is why I’m a little skeptical of “All American”), but it’s always fun. Big up to them.

Next week I’ll offer some final thoughts on upfront week and take another look at the trailers (I think I know my favorite, but I’m waiting to see The CW’s), and that means the MASKYS are approaching.

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