Full disclosure upfront: I love The CW. They have some of my favorite shows on TV, and I’m not talking about the superhero stuff. I’m talking the shows that barrel down the train tracks at 100 miles per hour, always on the brink of tipping over into a glorious train wreck.

“Jane the Virgin,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Riverdale” — those are my squad. I say that with pride and love that the leader of The CW, Mark Pedowitz, is an aging dude rather than some hipster executive.

In the fall, The CW whiffed on a show for me, and I got a little nervous that they lost their mojo and are starting with the cookie-cutter versions of the gems that they have been delivering. Then “Riverdale” came along, so all good.

But wait, this is about their schedule, and it’s always a pretty simple discussion. Five nights/two dramas per night. Superheroes/high concept. A little bit of mixing and matching and Voila! A CW schedule. It almost doesn’t matter where the show goes, since The CW seems to rely more on delayed viewing than the other nets, but YAY! “JTV”/”CEGF” together again on Friday night is all I care about.

I know scheduling matters less and less, but as I have said, your schedule is your homepage and I am excited to go out for sushi, come home and settle into two hours of bliss … at least in my mind.

I don’t know if “Valor” or “Dynasty” will be for me. They feel old-school WB rather than nouveau CW but that Lucy Hale show (“Life Sentence”) may be the next one to add to the list. I’ll patiently wait.

Yesterday I watched all the trailers looking for some patterns, and I’ll talk about that on Monday.

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