The latest product from the Marvel TV factory arrives on ABC Friday night. “Inhumans” debuts with a two-hour premiere, a slightly expanded take on the version that had a brief run in Imax theaters earlier in September.

The show will then run for six more weeks before giving way to the fifth season of “Agents of SHIELD” later in the season.

Critics, to say the least, have not been kind to the show. No scored review on Metacritic currently rises above “mixed,” and fellow aggregator Rotten Tomatoes lists only two of 27 reviews as “fresh” — one of which clearly is not.

The Imax release of the two-hour premiere made $1.52 million in 393 locations. Assuming an average ticket price of $16 to $20 (Imax films being more expensive than standard-format ones), that would mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 80,000 to 95,000 people paid to watch it.

That’s not necessarily predictive of the show’s on-air performance — likely the vast majority of people who are inclined to watch “Inhumans” are waiting until they can do so for free, at home.

It’s also not enough to cause any kind of movement in the ratings. ABC’s least-watched scripted show last season, “American Crime,” averaged 20 times as many same-day viewers (1.93 million) as our estimate of those who paid to watch “Inhumans.” So if the show underperforms Friday, it’s not because “everyone” already saw the theatrical release.

How do you think “Inhumans” will do on Friday? Predict the show’s premiere rating in the poll below and discuss your choices in the comments.


Posted by:Rick Porter

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