“Agent Carter” returns to ABC Tuesday for its second season as the winter fill-in for “Agents of SHIELD.” After a mildly surprising renewal last year, can Season 2 make a case for Peggy Carter’s (Hayley Atwell) continued presence?

The show’s first-season ratings weren’t actually much different than those of “SHIELD.” “Agent Carter” averaged a 1.51 same-day rating last year, almost equal to “SHIELD’s” full-season number of 1.59 and only 0.19 behind the latter’s fall 2014 average of 1.7.

This season, “Agents of SHIELD” drew a 1.42 same-day rating in the fall, so “Carter’s” benchmark isn’t as high. It seems unlikely that it will match its series premiere number of 1.9, but can it get close to that?

Vote in the poll below on how you think “Agent Carter’s” Season 2 premiere will fare and talk it out in the comments.


Posted by:Rick Porter

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