You’d be hard-pressed to find two more different shows among the broadcast rookie class than “Angel from Hell” and “Shades of Blue.” About all they have in common is that both are premiering Thursday night.

Well, that, and the fact that even moderate success by either show in the ratings will represent an upgrade for their respective networks, CBS and NBC. “Angel from Hell” airs at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT Thursday, in the spot previously held by “2 Broke Girls.” It averaged a 1.6 same-day rating in the fall; can “Angel from Hell” beat that by building on its “Mom” lead-in?

“Shades of Blue,” meanwhile, premieres at 10 p.m. on NBC following “The Blacklist.” It’s taking over for “The Player,” which didn’t sniff a 1.0 after its second episode of the season, so in that sense its bar is pretty low. NBC has put a considerable amount of marketing behind the show, however, and it has a big-name star leading “Shades” in Jennifer Lopez. That should at least get it better retention of “The Blacklist” than “The Player” did.

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Posted by:Rick Porter

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