It doesn’t look like Netflix is planning on saying goodbye to “Queer Eye” anytime soon.

The streaming service has officially announced this afternoon that its smash hit unscripted reality series will be coming back for its fourth and fifth seasons. The fourth season has already been filmed, and will be released by the streaming service on July 19, while the fifth season is set to begin filming later this month with a release date set for sometime in 2020.

After filming its first 2 seasons in Atlanta, “Queer Eye” moved its production to Kansas City for its third and fourth seasons. The fifth season, however, will find the “Queer Eye” crew heading to Philadelphia.

The show’s five main hosts, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France, will also all be returning for the fourth and fifth seasons.

While Netflix, like all other streaming services, does not release any official viewership numbers for any of its titles, “Queer Eye” has been a clear hit for the platform ever since its initial premiere back in early 2018. In addition to turning all five of its main hosts into full-fledged celebrities, the series also took home 3 Emmys for itself last year.

Now, with this announcement, “Queer Eye” will get to continue building on its current success for (at least) two more seasons.

Posted by:Alex Welch

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