SundanceTV will be saying goodbye to one of its most critically acclaimed original series this year, and we finally know when.

The network has announced today that “Rectify” will premiere its fourth and final season on Wednesday, Oct. 26. Made up of eight episodes, the season will bring a conclusion to the series long mystery and story of Daniel Holden, an ex-con who after spending 19 years on death row for rape and murder is released after DNA testing calls his conviction into question.

The new season will pick up only months after the events of the third season, which saw Daniel banished from his Georgia hometown as part of his plea deal, and will follow him in his new life as well as following the lives of his family members and the other notable citizens of the town as well.

Accurately deemed one of the best shows on TV that you’re probably not watching, Sundance is only a few months away from having to say farewell to one of its flagship series. Which means only a few more months for viewers to catch up with the show as well, before it finally comes to an end.

Posted by:Alex Welch

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