“Stranger Things” continues to rake in big numbers for Netflix.

According to the streaming platform, the immensely popular drama series, which released its third season in its entirety on July 4th, has reportedly broken viewership records within a week of its release.

Revealed on Twitter today, Netflix reports that 40.7 million household accounts have already tuned in to watch at least some of season 3 of “Stranger Things” – more than any other Netflix film or series ever has in its first four days. Additionally, the streaming service says that 18.2 million of those household accounts have already watched the entire season as well.

For comparison’s sake, Netflix also revealed earlier this year that the first season of “The Umbrella Academy” was watched by 45 million households in its first month, a number which “Stranger Things 3” has already almost eclipsed in just four days.

Since Netflix very rarely (and only selectively) releases official viewership numbers for any of its original series, it’s difficult to always know just how successful one of their original titles actually is.

However, it has been clear for several years that “Stranger Things” is one of the most popular TV shows on the air right now. These latest numbers not only come as confirmation of that fact, but also come as a clear sign that the series’ popularity has just continued to grow year-to-year.

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