angie-tribeca-tbsTBS made a big, splashy announcement Thursday that it had “renewed” its forthcoming series “Angie Tribeca” for an unheard-of 10 more seasons.

There is, of course, a catch. Each “season” will be one episode long. The channel is attempting to do PR in the deadpan vein of the show, a sendup of lone-wolf cop dramas that stars Rashida Jones. That doesn’t exactly come across in the release, considering the show isn’t out yet and most people don’t know its in-joke tone.

But hey, here we are talking about “Angie Tribeca,” so maybe it worked.

Here’s the actual deal with “Angie Tribeca,” which TBS describes as “powerful, heroic, unforgettable and tastefully erotic.”

Starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT Jan. 17, TBS will run the show’s first 10 episodes — Season 1, per the release — continuously in a commercial-free, 25-hour marathon. “Seasons” 2 through 11 — in actuality, 10 more new episodes — will then air weekly at 10 p.m. Mondays starting Jan. 25.

“We are so incredibly proud of ‘Angie Tribeca,'” the release says, “we’re going to shove it down America’s throat in a really big way.”

OK then.

Posted by:Rick Porter

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