Updated with “Second Chance” cancellation.

“The Grinder,” “Grandfathered,” “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life,” “Second Chance” and “Bordertown” have all been canceled after their first seasons by FOX, the network announced late Thursday afternoon.

Despite bringing in critical acclaim, it doesn’t look like the moderately fine ratings for “Grinder” or “Grandfathered” were enough to save it from the axe today. After premiering to low numbers last year, the two shows only retained modest ratings when joined again in January by “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “New Girl.”

The “Bordertown” and “Cooper Barrett” cancellations come as less of a shock. Both brought in low numbers like the other two comedies but didn’t receive nearly as much of the critical acclaim or attention.

“Second Chance’s” axing is no surprise either, as it performed poorly in its Wednesday spot before being shipped to Fridays.

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    […] Officially cancelled yesterday by FOX was Second Chance, but that announcement was expected.  That show performed poorly when it bowed at mid-season with American Idol as its lead-in and it was quickly shuffled off to Fridays for a burn-off run.  It was already in trouble when it debuted because it had gone through multiple name changes and had its episode order cut.  I have seen no word yet on Minority Report, but the assumption is that one is cancelled as well.  It may not even get the benefit of an official cancellation announcement, though, just get left off of next year’s schedule. […]


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