I’ve seen the seven comedy pilots available for next season. Rather than doing the MASKYs this season I thought I would share my thoughts while continuing to get through the dramas.

Overall, this is a pretty mediocre crop of comedy pilots, and with one exception, I found them lacking in real heart. There was nothing really original here, and honestly, laughs were in short supply. I haven’t seen CBS’ “The Neighborhood,” probably because of the casting changes (two leads have been recast), so I will hold out hope for that one in that I enjoyed the trailer.

Here are the grades for the seven comedies that I screened:

“The Kids Are Alright” (ABC) A-

“Single Parents” (ABC) C+

“I Feel Bad” (NBC) C

“Abby’s” (NBC) C

“Happy Together” (CBS) C-

“Rel” (FOX) D

“The Cool Kids” (FOX) F

ABC remains for me the network that seems to understand what works in the comedy area and delivered a solid pilot in “The Kids Are Alright.” Unfortunately, the whole” Roseanne” disaster happened, and there went its lead-in, but I’m fairly sure this show will find an audience and be given one of ABC’s stronger comedies as a lead-in.

“Single Parents” was a miss for me. It felt like ABC went to the shelf and picked as many stereotypes as possible and put them in the blender, and out this came. Taran Killam was especially annoying here, and if I had any interest in watching this, he would be reason not to.

I have no idea what FOX was thinking with “The Cool Kids” and “Rel.” I think it’s BS that “The Cool Kids” was intended as the “Last Man Standing” lead-out. It’s totally awful and insulting. Lil Rel Howery delivered the best closing line to a movie since Orson Welles in “Citizen Kane,” so I was hoping for more than this mess.

Nelson Franklin of “Abby’s” is quickly joining the ranks of show killers. The less said about the others the better.

Comedy is tough, but this batch in general does not start from a very joyous place, and they are very uninviting. I’m concerned.

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