It’s midseason MASKY time. Sorry for the delay. I was away for a while.

Before I left I started watching the midseason shows and unfortunately started with the two comedies at the bottom of the list below. I decided I needed to take a break. Fortunately, I started up again this week and found a few pleasant surprises.

There are two shows that I will definitely check out again, and one might work but probably not. Comedies continue to be not funny, but there was one that at least made me chuckle.

There are two procedurals (ABC’s “Deception” and CBS’ “Instinct”) that are in the classic “he’s a/she’s a” mold, where one partner is someone in law enforcement and the other has a “super power.” “Instinct” features Alan Cumming and it’s “Elementary” to expect a second season.

So here are the MASKYs for best midseason comedy and drama. Just to be clear, the MASKY is awarded to the show that I feel has the best chance of being renewed for a second season. Last year I went 50/50, but I have a pretty good track record of awarding shows that go on for several seasons. Just to review, “Dynasty” (The CW) and “Young Sheldon” (CBS) won the Fall MASKYs for drama and comedy.

The MASKY for best midseason comedy goes to “AP Bio” (NBC). Comedy is hard, but this attempt at a “School of Rock” sensibility sort of pulls it off. The kids are offbeat, and there are several funny adults in addition to Glenn Howerton — Patton Oswalt, for example.

“The Resident” (FOX) wins the MASKY for best midseason drama and was the only pilot this year to get an A. It’s not groundbreaking or anything, but it has Matt Czuchry, which could draw in the “Good Wife” contingent, and Emily VanCamp. It’s just a really solid medical drama with Bruce Greenwood as the sort of villain of the show. There were just enough surprises to keep me invested.

I want to also suggest you check out “Rise” (NBC), which is “Glee” meets “Friday Night Lights.” There are so many similarities to “Glee” that it comes close to taking the show down for me, but it’s far more solid and has a much better chance of staying on the tracks, whereas Ryan Murphy shows have a tendency to implode.

Here are the grades for the midseason shows that I could get my hands on. No “Black Lightning” or “Life Sentence” (which I hope carries on the “Jane the Virgin,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Riverdale” tradition of The CW). You go with what you got.

Within each grade, they are ranked in descending order, sort of.


“The Resident” (FOX)


“Rise” (NBC)
“Instinct” (CBS)
“AP Bio” (NBC)


“The Crossing” (ABC)
“Champions” (NBC)
“Alex, Inc.” (ABC)
“LA to Vegas” (FOX)
“Deception” (ABC)
“For the People” (ABC)
“Reverie” (ABC)


“By the Book” (CBS)
“Splitting Up Together” (ABC)

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