TV viewers haven’t seen the last of “Veronica Mars.”

After several months of speculating, it has officially been confirmed that “Veronica Mars” will be returning for a limited revival series on Hulu. It will consist of eight, one-hour long episodes, and will feature the return of star Kristen Bell in the titular role. It is set to premiere on the streaming service sometime in 2019. Bell herself confirmed the news on Twitter this morning.

The limited series is coming from none other than “Veronica Mars” original creator, Rob Thomas, who will pen the first episode himself, in addition to serving as executive producer. It will reportedly bring viewers back again to the town of Neptune, CA, where spring breakers are being murdered and the parents of one of the victims hire Veronica Mars to investigate and discover the identity of their son’s killer.

However, once her investigation is underway, Veronica will once gain find herself drawn into Neptune’s turbulent class divide, where the town’s wealthy elite would be more than happy to see all of the town’s spring breakers go away, while its working class citizens depend on the annual tourist revenue.

As of right now, aside from Bell, no other cast members have signed on for the series.

The news, of course, comes not only over a decade after the beloved, critically-acclaimed series finished its 3-season run on the CW back in 2007, but also four years after it made its first comeback on the big screen in 2014 – through the form of a crowdfunded spin-off feature film.

In addition to ordering the revival, Hulu has also acquired the rights from Warner Bros. to all of the show’s three seasons and the spin-off film, which will become available on the streaming service in summer 2019.

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