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Includes All-New Episodes of Network’s Hit Original Series

“The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Bunheads,” “Pretty Little Liars,”

“Beverly Hills Nannies,” “Melissa & Joey,” “Baby Daddy” and

the Season Finale of “Jane By Design”


Plus, the ABC Family Network Premiere of the Hit Sitcom, “Reba”


Burbank, CA (July 16, 2010) On Monday, July 30th, ABC Family launches “Campus Crush,” the network’s fourth annual 10-day long end of summer programming event filled with all-day marathons, movies and all-new episodes of its original series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Bunheads,” “Beverly Hills Nannies,” “Melissa & Joey,” “Baby Daddy,” “Pretty Little Liars” and the season finale of “Jane By Design.” Plus, the ABC Family network premiere of the hit sitcom, “Reba,” starring Reba McEntire (“Malibu Country”) and Melissa Peterman (“Baby Daddy”).


The 10-day long “Campus Crush” includes the following programming:


Monday, July 30

*All times Eastern/Pacific


4:00 PM          “Miss Congeniality” starring Sandra Bullock

An FBI agent (Bullock) is forced to go undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant, to try and stop a terrorist from bombing the event.


Episode Premiere – The Secret Life of the American Teenager


8:00 PM          “Girlfriends” – Amy encourages Kathy to make new friends, but she falls into the wrong



Episode Premiere – Bunheads


9:00 PM          “What’s Your Damage Heather?” – When the dance studio springs a leak, Michelle lets

the girls change for class in her house. But when one of them lies about stealing from

her, Michelle puts her foot down.


Tuesday, July 31


4:30 PM          “The Prince and Me” starring Julia Stiles

Edvard, the Crown Prince of Demark, shirks his royal duties to attend college in

Wisconsin. There, he pursues med student Paige (Stiles), while keeping his true

identity a secret.


Episode Premiere – Pretty Little Liars


8:00 PM          “Stolen Kisses” – Spencer and Emily are looking for answers, while Aria stumbles onto

answers about Ezra’s past.


Episode Premiere – Jane By Design Season Finale


9:00 PM          “The Bonus Check” – Jane saves the school play, but it comes at a personal cost.


Wednesday, August 1


Episode Premiere – Melissa & Joey


8:00 PM          “A Pair of Sneakers” – Joe gives Lennox driving lessons without Mel’s consent. After Lennox gets into a minor accident, Joe tries to cover it up from Mel. Mel & Ryder are keeping a secret of their own.


Episode Premiere – Baby Daddy


8:30 PM          “Take Her Out of the Ballgame” – Riley is voted team captain of Ben’s softball team and takes the job too seriously. Meanwhile, Bonnie dates Danny’s hockey coach.


Episode Premiere – Beverly Hills Nannies


9:00 PM          “Nanny War Is Coming”- Not only do the nannies need to watch their backs around each other, but they also need to be careful around their employers, as some of their jobs may be in jeopardy.


Thursday, August 2


3:30 PM          “Step Up” starring Channing Tatum

A troubled teen (Tatum) is paired up with a privileged dancer to compete in a showcase

that could change their lives.


6:00 PM          “Remember the Titans” starring Denzel Washington

The true story of an African-American football coach (Washington) struggling to lead

his newly integrated team. Also starring Hayden Panettiere, Kate Bosworth, Ryan


8:30 PM          “Remember the Titans” Encore


Friday, August 3


4:00 PM          “Teen Spirit” starring Cassie Scerbo and Lindsey Shaw

Amber (Scerbo) is the most popular girl at school—and the meanest. A freak

accident kills her while she’s being crowned Prom Queen, leaving her in Limbo when

she dies. An angel gives her a second chance to make amends by tasking her with

getting the least popular girl (Shaw) crowned in her place, which is easier said than


6:00 PM          “The Princess Diaries” starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews

Right before her 16th birthday, Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway) discovers she’s the

heir to the throne of Genovia. Whisked away from her normal life, she’s trained in

“Princess Lessons” by her ruling grandmother (Andrews).


8:30 PM          “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” starring Anne Hathaway

On the eve of her 21st birthday, Mia (Hathaway) discovers that she must marry

within 30 days, or lose the throne of Genovia. Julie Andrews and Chris Pine also star.


Saturday, August 4


7:00 AM          “Sleepover”

Four social misfits agree to an all-night scavenger hunt against the most popular girls

in their school.


9:00 AM          “A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song” starring Lucy Hale

Katie (Hale) dreams of being a recording artist, but is continually thwarted by her

cruel stepmother (Missi Pyle) and stepsister (Megan Park). When Katie falls hard for

Luke (Freddie Stroma), the new boy at her Performing Arts school, she tries to get his

attention with her singing. But when her stepsister takes credit for Katie’s amazing

voice and Luke falls for the wrong girl, Katie must learn to stand up for her dreams

before her stepmother forces Katie to sing Luke into the arms of her wicked



11:00 AM        “Another Cinderella Story” starring Selena Gomez

A famous dancer (Drew Seeley) returns for his senior year, to surround himself with

“real” people and remind himself why he fell in love with dance in the first place. At

the masked high school dance, he meets a mesmerizing girl (Gomez), but before                         he can learn her true identity, she disappears. His only clue: The mp3 player she left



1:00 PM          “Bring It On: All or Nothing” starring Hayden Panettiere

When her family moves across town, a teenager must win over the head cheerleader

to make the squad. Also starring Solange Knowles-Smith and Francia Raisa.


3:00 PM          “The Princess Diaries”—See Friday, August 3rd.


5:30 PM          “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”—See Friday, August 3rd.


8:00 PM          “Mean Girls” starring Lindsay Lohan

Cady (Lohan), the new girl at school, finds herself in over her head when she

joins the popular clique, The Plastics, run by tyrant Regina (Rachel McAdams).

Things are going great until Cady falls for Regina’s ex-boyfriend, and quickly

discovers who her real friends are. Also starring Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried,

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lizzy Caplan and Neil Flynn


10:00 PM        “Mean Girls” Encore


12:00 AM        “Mean Girls 2”

New girl Jo befriends unpopular Abby, and quickly becomes the target of The

Plastics—the most popular girls in school.


Sunday, August 5


7:30 AM          “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish” starring Christina Milian

After her widowed mother remarries a wealthy man, Lina must transfer from her high

school in East LA to a posh, West Los Angeles high school where she clashes with

Avery, the snobby, ultra-competitive cheerleading captain, when she tries to qualify for

the team.




9:30 AM          “Bring It On: In It to Win It” starring Ashley Benson

A high-school senior (Benson), falls for a fellow cheerleader, not realizing that he is on

a rival squad. Also starring Cassie Scerbo.


11:30 AM        “Bring It On: All or Nothing”—See Saturday, August 4th.


1:30 PM          “Step Up”—See Thursday, August 2nd.


4:00PM           “Step Up 2: The Streets” starring Channing Tatum

Tyler (Tatum) mentors an orphaned teen, encouraging her to join the dance program at

the school that changed his life.


6:00 PM          “The Blind Side” starring Sandra Bullock

The remarkable true story of football star Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a virtually

homeless teen who’s taken in by a compassionate woman (Bullock) and her family,

who are determined to see him realize his potential, both on and off the field. Also

starring Tim McGraw and Oscar® winner Kathy Bates.


9:00 PM          “The Blind Side” Encore


Monday, August 6


Reba Marathon


11:00 AM–6:00 PM     “Reba” joins the ABC Family lineup, weekdays from 4:00 – 6:00 PM ET/PT,

starting Tuesday, August 7th. To kick off the launch, ABC Family will air a seven-

hour marathon of the hit sitcom. Middle-aged Texas mom Reba (Reba

McEntire) struggles with a failed marriage, her husband’s girlfriend, her smart-

mouthed children and a pregnant teenage daughter. Also stars Melissa

Peterman (“Baby Daddy”).

Episode Premiere – The Secret Life of the American Teenager


8:00 PM          “Setting Things Straight” – Amy is jealous of Ricky’s new life at college.


Episode Premiere – Bunheads


9:00 PM          “Blank Up, It’s Time” – Michelle is thrown for a loop when she discovers Fanny has a

longtime, long-distance boyfriend (guest star Richard Gant, “Men of a Certain Age”).


Tuesday, August 7


Episode Premiere – Pretty Little Liars


8:00 PM          “The Kahn Game” – The Kahn brothers’ party may hold more answers for the girls than



Episode Premiere – Beverly Hills Nannies – Moves to a New Day


9:00 PM          “Nanny vs. Mommy” – For Amber and Ari, the honeymoon phase is over.


Wednesday, August 8


Episode Premiere – Melissa & Joey


8:00 PM          “Mother of All Problems” – During her first visit in a few years, Joe gives Mel’s mother, Monica (Rita Rudner) some advice that upsets Mel. Lennox gets into some hot water when her gym teacher (Julie Brown) assumes that she is pregnant.


Episode Premiere – Baby Daddy


8:30 PM          “May The Best Friend Win” – Ben and Tucker are at odds when they date the same girl. Riley coaches Danny in public speaking and Bonnie tries online dating.


9:00 PM          “Mean Girls”—See Saturday, August 4th.



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