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ABC Family Ranks Among the Month’s Leading Social TV Networks on Twitter,

Powered by Top 10 Cable TV Dramas “Pretty Little Liars” And “The Fosters”;

Instagram’s #3 Most-Followed TV Network With Nearly 3 Million Fans


“Pretty Little Liars” Remains One of Snapchat’s Fastest Growing TV Brands With Nearly 700,000 Fans and Is On Pace for 1 Million by This Summer; Is Instagram’s #1 Most-Followed Scripted Series Closing in On 2 Million Fans


“Pretty Little Liars” Crosses 100 Million Tweets and Accounts

for the Top 5 Most-Tweeted Scripted Telecasts in TV History


ABC Family:


During February 2015, driven by “Pretty Little Liars” and “The Fosters,which both ranked among the month’s Top 10 most-social cable TV dramas, ABC Family was the #4 most-social entertainment cable network in Prime, generating 815,733 tweets by nearly a quarter-million unique authors (224,682), exceeding VH-1 by 45% (561,977 tweets) and nearly doubling MTV (+99% – vs. 408,506 tweets).


·         For the month, “Pretty Little Liars” was the #2 cable TV drama in Prime generating 551,353 tweets by 144,513 unique authors, while “The Fosters” ranked #7 with 140,882 tweets by 30,920 unique authors.


·         On Instagram, ABC Family is the 3rd-most followed TV network to date with close to 3 million followers (2,863,085)



“Pretty Little Liars”:


“Pretty Little Liars” continues to take the social media world by storm, prevailing across multiple platforms globally including Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest:


·         Since its June 2010 series debut, “Pretty Little Liars” has amassed over 100 million tweets (103.4 million).


·         In less than two months since its January 5, 2015 Snapchat launch, “Pretty Little Liars” – easily one of the fastest growing social TV brands – has accrued 667,000 followers and is on pace to reach 1 Million followers by its season 6 launch this coming summer.


·         On Instagram “Pretty Little Liars,” which launched at the top of May 2014, is the #1 most followed scripted series with over 1.8 million followers, easily topping AMC’s “The Walking Dead” (1.2 million) and Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” (1.1 million). “Pretty Little Liars” is also the #1 scripted show on Pinterest.

·         “Pretty Little Liars” accounts for Twitter’s #1 scripted TV series telecast of all time and accounts for the Top 5 most tweeted scripted TV series telecasts overall – including the Top 2 in 2014.

 Pretty Little Liars Twitter Chart 



Source: SocialGuide: 2/1/15-2/28/15. “Pretty Little Liars” Total Tweets to date: Union Metrics. Instagram: ListenFirst. 

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