In An Instant

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ABC Saturday Prime (8-11pm – 4.3 million and 0.7/2 in AD18-49):  With 20/20-Saturday and the premiere of In An Instant in its regular time period, ABC was the most-watched network on Saturday (4.3 million), outdrawing NBC’s premiere of boxing coverage on the night (3.0 million).


20/20-Saturday (8-9pm – 4.1 million and 0.6/2 in AD18-49) Moving to the 8pm hour (previously aired at 10pm), ABC’s 20/20 Saturday was the most-watched show in its slot, building by 1.0 million viewers from its most recent telecast (4.1 million vs 3.1 million on 1/31/15 at 10pm) to deliver the newsmagazine’s most-watched regular telecast on the night in 1 year – since 3/15/14.


In An Instant (9-11pm – 4.4 million and 0.7/3 in AD18-49) From 9-11pm, the Saturday premiere of In an Instant retained 100% of its Friday debut audience and made ABC the most-watched network in its 2-hour time period (4.4 million). The ABC docudrama series featured the story of a rush hour disaster with the largest bridge collapse in America.  The new ABC series drew the Network’s biggest non-sports audience in the time period since last April – since 4/19/14.



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