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NEW YORK – June 3, 2013Bravo Media premieres “Eat, Drink, Love,” a docu-series about five single ladies clawing their way to the top of the male-dominated Los Angeles food scene, on Sunday, August 11 at 9pm ET/PT. The ladies mix business and pleasure in pursuit of the perfect meal and the perfect mate. In the ultra-competitive culinary world, this tight-knit circle of friends must support each other or else risk eating each other alive. For a sneak peek, please visit:

Meet the ladies:

Kat Odell

This New York native left her job as a writer at Bon Appétit to become the editor of the prestigious food blog, Eater LA. As its editor, Kat earns exclusive scoops on rising talent, and she is perpetually the first to break news on LA’s hottest restaurants and nightclubs.   When she sits down in a restaurant, chefs roll out the red carpet in the hopes that she will help make, rather than break, their restaurant. With her bubbly and flirty personality, the lines of business and pleasure are often blurred leading colleagues to question her motives.

Waylynn Lucas

Waylynn Lucas is a punk rock chick with a sweet tooth, who holds her own in the male-dominated, cutthroat LA chef scene. After successfully running her own restaurant in Costa Rica, Waylynn moved back to LA where her talents for pastry quickly garnered wide acclaim. After serving as the executive pastry chef for two highly-rated restaurants—José Andrés’ Bazaar and Michelin-rated Patina—and being written up in The Los Angeles Times, Waylynn’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to leave her prestigious job and open up her own bakery, Fonuts, alongside her business partner and friend, Nancy Truman.   Twice engaged, including a bad breakup with a Top Chef, Waylynn is ready to shed the skin of her past, but is she really ready to love again?

Brenda Urban

Strong, opinionated and passionate, Brenda Urban is a public relations maven that charms people with her quick wit and infectious laughter. A New Jersey native, Brenda worked in New York representing exclusive hospitality clients before moving to Los Angeles to become a culinary publicist. In the wake of her bitter divorce, Brenda yearns to complement a successful career with personal happiness – but she’s learning there are some things you can’t put a spin on.

Nina Clemente

With a fiery Italian spirit and a carefree approach towards life, Nina Clemente brings style and edge to the LA food scene. A native New Yorker who once despised the Californian “never ending sunshine hell,” Nina found her way out west, bringing with her a rustic and healthy form of cooking. Without any formal training, she has become one of Los Angeles’ most sought after private chefs. After capitalizing on her exposure in Vanity Fair, Nina found success catering to A-list celebrities, but with big aspirations of owning her own restaurant, Nina wonders if she is ready to dominate the culinary world with the big boys.

Jessica Miller

This Midwest transplant garnered success as the right hand of Harry Morton Holdings. Between wrangling staff at Morton’s latest venture and starry-eyed aspirations of becoming a restaurant mogul, Jessica crushes stereotypes associated with gender and youth. Whether it’s talking numbers with seasoned male colleagues or getting down and dirty with her staff, Jessica is always in control. She lives and breathes her work, which has put her relationships in the freezer.

“Eat Drink Love” is produced by Brownstone Entertainment for Bravo, with Drew Brown, Bob Gillan and Ben Hurvitz serving as executive producers, and Nadine Rajabi and Tess Gamboa as co-executive producers.

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