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The series premiere of BREAKING MAGIC, airing Sunday, Nov. 11th with back-to-back episodes at 10 PM ET/PT and 10:30 PM ET/PT, brings four modern day magicians from around the world  onto the streets of London, Warsaw and New York City to capture bystanders completely baffled by these magicians’ unexpected tricks. Immediately following their demonstrations, each magician explains the scientific reality behind the illusion to viewers.



In this episode, Wayne Houchin visits a mechanic’s shop in Brooklyn to make oil ‘come to life’. Ben Hanlin tricks people on the streets of Warsaw into believing a jar of liquid is actually a lie detector. Billy Kidd cons a group of martial artists. And James Galea stops a falling cannonball from crushing his hand by defying the laws of gravity.


BOOK BUNGEE (Airs 11/11 at 10:30PM ET/PT)

In this episode, James Galea convinces a group of Londoners that they can crush a fuel tanker using telekinesis. Ben Hanlin and Billy Kidd go undercover at a restaurant and astonish diners as Billy stains Ben’s jacket, burns it, and then completely restores it using a fire extinguisher. Finally, Wayne Houchin performs a death-defying bungee jump, using a rope which has actually been cut and is only held together by the pages of two books which are interwoven.


DANGER DROP (Airs 11/18 at 10PM ET/PT)

In this episode, Wayne Houchin amazes New Yorkers with his “Midas touch” as he turns a bracelet from silver into gold. In London, Billy Kidd reads minds through a scientific ‘lens’ and Ben Hanlin creates instant snow from a regular cup of water. James Galea faces dangerous, strong winds as he falls multiple stories for a stunt titled “the danger drop.”


VORTEX CANNON (Airs 11/18 at 10:30PM ET/PT)

In this episode, Ben Hanlin reveals secret, code words through a telephone wire. In Warsaw, Poland, Billy Kidd defies physics and transforms her body weight from very light to impossibly heavy. In London, Wayne Houchin makes a newspaper spontaneously combust and James Galea knocks over a solid wall without touching it.

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