note: total reach is a different metric than the “average viewership” typically reported in the daily ratings, which measures average viewership over the entire duration measured.  Reach just measures how many viewers watched for any duration.

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CNN Reaches 10 Million More Viewers Than Fox News and 13 Million More Than MSNBC in 2010

HLN’s Morning Express Has Best Year Ever;

Beats MSNBC’s Morning Joe for the Year 2010

CNN is the No. 1 TV News Brand Online, in Mobile and in Social Media


In 2010, CNN reached more viewers than any other cable news network, averaging 96.4 million monthly viewers  —  10 million more than Fox News Channel (85.7 million) and 13 million more than MSNBC (83.3 million).[Data through Nov.]

CNN continues to demonstrate the strength of its breaking news coverage, attracting cable news’ largest P25-54 audience during the first 24 hours of the Chilean Miner Rescue and registering the most growth of any cable news network during continuing coverage of the Haiti Earthquake and BP oil spill in the Gulf.

Throughout 2010, CNN topped MSNBC in daytime non-opinion programming (9a-5p) by 71% among total viewers (502k vs. 294k) and 64% among adults 25-54 (133k vs. 81k).  Each hour from 9a-4p, MSNBC ranked either fourth or fifth among its cable news competitors in the key P25-54 demographic. [Data through Dec. 12.]

CNN Heroes, an All-Star Tribute to Everyday People Changing the World, reached a cumulative audience of nearly 16 million viewers over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Traffic to CNN Heroes content on achieved more than 10.3 million page views, and more than 1.2 million video streams.  (Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst, 10/04/10 – 11/28/10 and 10/05/09 – 11/29/09)


HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade increased its audience in 2010 to its highest year on record and out-delivered MSNBC’s Morning Joe by 51% among 25-54 viewers (178k vs. 118k). This is the first time in HLN’s history that Morning Express has topped MSNBC’s Morning Joe for 12 consecutive months. Morning Express delivered HLN’s best year ever from 6a-10a among both total viewers (315k) and P25-54 (178k).

HLN’s The Joy Behar Show is the only cable news program at 9pm to grow its audience in 2010, up 7% in total viewers (P2+).

Among P25-54, HLN enjoyed a substantial advantage over MSNBC’s non-opinion weekday program block (9am-5pm), topping the network by 28% (104k vs. 81k).  HLN ranked above MSNBC all hours from 9am to 4pm in the demographic.


In 2010, the CNN Digital Network was No. 1 in unique audience, usage minutes, page views, mobile and other key metrics, beating Fox News and MSNBC Digital.


The CNN Network Placed No. 1 among all TV News Sites in several key metrics in 2010:

  • No. 1 in Unique Audience: With 66 million monthly unique visitors, the CNN Network is six times greater than Fox News Online, five times greater than ABC News Digital’s audience, more than three times greater than CBS News Online and beat MSNBC Digital by 33%.
  • No. 1 in Usage Minutes and Page Views: With more than 2.1 billion usage minutes per month and 2.3 billion page views, the CNN Network was far and away the most used TV News Site, beating out MSNBC Digital’s time spent by 58% and more than doubling their page views.  Total time spent and page views for the CNN Network were also more than 20 times larger than that for Fox News Online, CBS News Online and ABC News Digital.

(Source: comScore Media Metrix, May-November 2010.  See Source Note Below.)


CNN Digital is No. 1 in Mobile in News and Current Events for 2010 and has been for the past 47 months.

  • With 14.6 million monthly unique visitors to its mobile site in 2010, CNN Digital beat the nearest competitor, Fox News Digital, by 90%. (Source: Nielsen Mobile MediaView – Jan – Oct. 2010)
  • CNN App Downloads: Prior to launching the CNN App for iPad, CNN had nearly 2 million downloads for the CNN App for iPhone and iPod Touch worldwide.  Additionally, the average monthly usage for the CNN App available in the U.S. has been 96%.  (Oct. 09-Nov. 10)

Social Media

CNN was the Most-Followed News Brand in Social Media in 2010

  • iReport: iReport increased its registered users base to 715,000, with nearly 238,000 new registered users signing up in 2010.  There were also 149,000 submissions in 2010 the most popular of which was “Searching For Loved Ones In Haiti” generating 8,000 submissions. To date iReporters have submitted over 520,000 stories.
  • On Facebook: With more than 1.5 million fans to date, CNN topped the two closest competitors: Fox News by 47,000 fans and  NPR by more than 136,000 fans.  (Source: Facebook Insights through Dec. 13.)
  • On Twitter: @CNN and @CNNBRK have a combined 5.3 million followers, 96% greater than New York Times 2.7 million, more than twice MSNBC’s 2.1 million followers and more than 12 times greater than Fox New’s followers. (Source: Analytics 01/01/10 – 12/13/10. MSNBC includes @MSNBC, @MSNBCBRK, @Breakingnews; Fox News includes: @foxnews, Foxnewsbrk)
  • More Users Turn to CNN During Breaking News: During the week of the Chilean Miners Rescue, CNN had nearly 48,000 likes/comments on it’s official fan page, a 129% increase over a typical week; during the week of the Midterm Elections, CNN saw 35,000 likes/recommends, a 68% increase.(Source: Facebook Insights through December 13.  Benchmark week based on weeks of 4/12/10-10/10/10)

** NOTE – CNN Digital Source: comScore Media Metrix, May-November 2010. Note that  comScore changed their methodology in 2010 to allow properties to pass their Omniture census level data through to comScore to be included as part of the accountancy of their official published usage data.  The May-November 2010 data used in the above claims reflects a time period when all properties referenced were switched over to the new methodology, except ABC News Digital, which switched over in October.  Only October and November were used for ABC News Digital’s comparisons. Fox News has not switched over to the new methodology.

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