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In 1965, Malcolm X was at crossroads.  The controversial black nationalist figure had recently left the Nation of Islam where he gained prominence as their chief spokesman. He was involved in a public feud with the group’s leader, Elijah Muhammed, and was being closely watched by the CIA and FBI.  He was attempting to start a new organization with evolving ideas about race while faced with constant death threats including the firebombing of his home. On February 21st, he would be assassinated while speaking on stage in the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem.  

In a CNN Special Report titled WITNESSED: The Assassination of Malcolm X, people who were in the ballroom when the shots were fired tell their story of the events surrounding that day to CNN. The one–hour special will also examine the life and controversy surrounding the leader, featuring those who worked with Malcolm X, his daughter who was with him when he was killed, and a reporter who was in the first row of the audience. 

50 years after the assassination that silenced one of most vocal black leaders in America, the CNN Special Report: WITNESSED: The Assassination of Malcolm X will air Tuesday, February 17, at 9pm ET on CNN


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