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The Oct. 24 Debut Increases From a 1.39 Rating in L+SD to a 2.50 in L+7 Including Alternate Platforms, Adds 2.9 million Viewers Overall


  • The Oct. 24 premiere of NBC’s “Constantine” has generated growth of +80% going from its “live plus same day” rating in adults 18-49 to its “live plus seven day” results that include alternate platforms.


  • The “Constantine” debut earned a 1.39 rating in L+SD adult 18-49 rating and saw that rating grow to a 2.00 in “live plus three day” results, then to a 2.12 in L+7 and a 2.50 rating in Alternate Platform L+7, according to traditional viewership figures from Nielsen Media Research and alternate-platform data from Omniture, Hulu and Rentrak.


  • The growth on alternate platforms alone is 0.38 of a rating point or a +27% increase to the original 1.39 in L+SD.  The alternate-platform category includes online viewing within seven days of the original telecast and Video On Demand viewing from four to seven days of the live telecast.


  • In total viewers, “Constantine” added 2.9 million persons in Alternate Platform L+7 versus its L+SD audience, growing from 4.280 million in L+SD to 7.143 million in Alternate Platform L+7.  The alternate-platform category alone accounted for 718,000 viewers, or a +17% increase to the L+SD audience of 4.280 million.



  • On Oct. 31, the second episode of “Constantine,” facing Halloween holiday distractions, earned a 0.92 rating in “live plus same day” Nielsens and then delivered +75% growth in L+3 alone, to a 1.61.  That +75% increase is up from a week-one L+3 gain of +44% (from a 1.39 to a 2.00).  L+7 and alternate-platform results for the Oct. 31 episode are due next week.  On Friday, Nov. 7, week three of “Constantine” earned a 0.98 in L+SD results, which is a +7% increase over the week-two L+SD rating of a 0.92.
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