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Now Premiering Friday, September 4 at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery


Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can kill in Investigation Discovery’s (ID) all-new series, DEATH BY GOSSIP WITH WENDY WILLIAMS. Featuring original ‘gossip girl’ Wendy Williams as host and executive producer, the series uncovers crimes fueled by rumors and sordid half-truths that lead to betrayal and even murder. Now premiering Friday, September 4 at 9/8c, DEATH BY GOSSIP WITH WENDY WILLIAMS kicks off with six stories of harmless whispers turned deadly acts, showing that dishing the dirt can be a dangerous offense.



From a respected English teacher’s very own Shakespearean tragedy entangled by sex, greed and betrayal, to a college kid wrapped up in a twisted love triangle with a dash of black magic, this series warns viewers of the tempting grapevine, because it can quickly strangle the most unsuspecting of prattlers. In the premiere episode “Killer Education,” airing Friday, September 4 at 9/8c, the body of English teacher Susan Reinert is found stuffed into the back of her car, and police quickly turn to her ex-husband for answers. But as detectives learn more about the victim, they uncover a trail of gossip leading them in countless directions. 

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