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Discovery Communications Ratings Sizzle in July

(New York, N.Y.) Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, ID., Science Channel, Military Channel and Discovery Health experienced strong July 2009 ratings growth across multiple demographics.

All Primetime Data based on July 09 vs. July 08 and Among All Ad-Supported Cable Unless Otherwise Noted


  • Top 10 primetime network in M 25-54/18-49 in ALL of TV
  • #1 cable network on Tuesdays in P/M 25-54/18-49, and in ALL of TV, ranked #4 in M 25-54/18-49 (beating ABC); #5 in M18-34 (beating CBS) and #6 in P 25-54/18-49
  • “Deadliest Catch” remains the #1 non-sports program in all of primetime New series “Swamp Loggers” ranked as the #2 non-sports program on Mondays in M25-54
  • Series premiere of “Colony” (7/21) was a Top 5 telecast in M 25-54/18-49
  • Monday specials, “Wild Pacific” and “When We Left Earth” posted double-digit P2+ timeslot gains vs. July 08
  • Growth in key male demos:
    M25-54        +7% (439k vs. 411k)
    M18-49        +3% (434k vs. 421k)


  • Best July ever in W18-34
  • Top 5 primetime network in W18-34
  • Hit returning series are resonating with viewers:
  • “LA Ink” premieres have posted triple-digit gains vs. the July 09 time period average in key male demos and double-digit gains in all key P/W, ranking in the Top 10 on Thursdays in and all key P/W demos
  • “Say Yes To The Dress” experienced double-digit gains in P2+ and W 25-54/18-34 vs. July 09 premiere average, ranks in the Top 10 on Fridays in all Women demos and premiere episodes in July are the highest in series history in all key P/M/W demos
  • “Toddlers and Tiaras” premiere in July 09 was the highest in series history, posting double-digit gains vs. July 09 premiere average in all key P/W demos, ranking in the Top 5 on Wednesdays in W 18-49/18-34, and the Top 10 in W25-54 and P18-34
  • Popular new shows, “Cake Boss” and “The Little Couple” continue to post significant gains vs. July 09 premiere average in key demos
  • Increases across the board in key demos:
    P2+                  +43% (1026k vs 719k)
    P25-54            +37% (498k vs. 363k)
    W25-54           +46%(351k vs. 241k)
    W18-49           +43% (368k vs. 258k)
    P18-49            +34% (513k vs. 382k)


  • Best July ever in Total Day in P 25-54/18-49 and M25-54/18-49 and in Prime in M 25-54/18-49
  • July marked 10 consecutive months of year-over-year gains in P/M 25-54 and 18-49, garnering gains of more than 20% in the last 4 months in P 25-54/18-49
  • “Whale Wars” is best performing series in July in HH (742k), P25-54 (627k), M25-54 (357k), W25-54 (270k), P18-49 (634k) and P2+ (1.01M), ranking among the Top 5 in its timeslot for the month in M25-54 (excludes movies and sports)
  • Series premiere of “Monsters Inside Me” (7/1) was the best performing telecast in July in HH (850k) and P2+ (1.27M)
  • Increases across the board in key demos:
    P25-54         +23% (275k vs. 223k)
    M25-54         +38% (142k vs. 103k)
    W25-54        +11% (133k vs. 120k)
    P18-49         +32% (267k vs. 203k)


  • July marked 18 consecutive months of year-over-year gains in HHs, and was best July ever in HHs, P2+, P25-54, W 25-54/18-49
  • Increases across the board in key demos:
    P2+               +18% (205k vs. 173k)
    P25-54         +9% (102k vs. 94k)
    W25-54        +4% (59k vs. 57k)
    W18-49        +6% (50k vs. 47k)


  • July marked 11 consecutive months of year-over-year growth in P2+, HHs and P18-34; 10 consecutive months in W25-54; 8 consecutive months in P/M 25-54 and 18-49
  • Year-to-date, fastest growing network in HH (excludes kids and news)
  • Double-digit gains across the board:
    P2+               +38% (164k vs. 119k)
    P25-54         +28% (78k vs. 61k)
    M25-54         +29% (53k vs. 41k)
    P18-49         +21% (68k vs. 56k)
    M18-49         +23% (40k vs. 39k)


  • June marked 36 months of consecutive year-over-year growth in HHs and 11 months in W25-54
  • Increases across the board in key demos:
    P2+              +5% (129k vs. 123k)
    P25-54        +8% (54k vs. 50k)
    M25-54        +5% (42k vs. 40k)


  • July marked 5 consecutive months of year-over-year gains among W25-54/18-49
  • Increases across the board in key demos:
    P25-54          +7% (119k vs. 111k)
    W25-54         +16% (89k vs. 77k)
    W18-49         +8% (81k vs. 75k)
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