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The family sitcom “Good Luck Charlie” follows the comedic quandary of teenagers Teddy and PJ Duncan and their 10-year-old brother, Gabe, when they’re unexpectedly designated babysitters for the new baby in the house as their mom, Amy, returns to work as a late shift nurse and their dad, Bob, carries on with his pest-control business. Now the whole family is involved in raising the baby, and it’s up to the older kids to come home after school and take charge of young Charlotte (AKA Charlie), all while navigating typical teenage life.

Even the teenagers know that the adorable little bundle of burdens is quite a beautiful addition to the family, but with burp cloths in their backpacks and formula stains on their favorite clothes, the Duncan kids have a lot to learn about the comedic chaos this baby can unwittingly create, especially when she’s mobile, can grasp objects and be generally destructive. Meanwhile “new” again parents Amy and Bob quickly re-learn everything from existing on two hours of sleep to changing diapers and dodging spit up.

Hard-driving Teddy is determined to juggle her responsibilities to her family with her grades, texting and cell phone chats with friends, all while creating daily video diaries for Charlie to use for advice after Teddy has grown up and moved out. In addition to Teddy’s tips on how to withstand the household, the videos also relate to being a teenager and dealing with friends, boys and school.

Older brother, easy-going PJ spends most of his time preoccupied with girls, and with the time he has left over, he usually practices with his band, “PJ and the Vibe,” or argues with Teddy about nearly everything.

Mischievous Gabe maneuvers the transition from being baby in the family to what he considers to be the overlooked rank of middle child. He also has an affinity for coming up with unique solutions to the precarious situations he finds himself getting into.

Starring are Bridgit Mendler (recurring guest star on Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” and guest star on “JONAS”) as Teddy Duncan; Leigh-Allyn Baker (“Will & Grace) as Amy Duncan; Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe Duncan; Mia Talerico as Charlie Duncan; with Eric Allan Kramer (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “My Name Is Earl”) as Bob Duncan; and Jason Dolley (“Hatching Pete,” “Minutemen” and “Cory in the House”) as PJ Duncan.

The live action comedy series was created by Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen (“Suddenly Susan” and “What I Like About You”) and is executive-produced by Baker, Vaupen and Dan Staley (“Cheers,” “Love & Money”). “Good Luck Charlie” is a production of It’s A Laugh Productions, Inc. It carries a TV-G parental guideline.

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