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“Gravity Falls” Soars to Multi-Month Highs in Target Demos and

Delivers Its #2 Disney XD Telecast on Record in Total Viewers


“Star vs. The Forces of Evil” Previews to Strong Ratings


“Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero” Scores Series Highs


Disney XD – Monday, February 16, 2015:


Disney XD registered its best Monday Primetime ratings in 4-months in Total Viewers (706,000), Kids 6-11 (265,000/1.1 rating), Kids 2-11 (334,000/0.9 rating) and Boys 2-11 (238,000/1.2 rating) and in 3 months in Boys 6-11 (186,000/1.5 rating) – since 10/13/14 and 11/17/14, respectively – powered by multi-month highs for “Gravity Falls,” the solid preview of upcoming “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” and Disney XD series highs for animated comedy “Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.”


“Gravity Falls” (8:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)


·         “Gravity Falls” surged to a 6-month high in Total Viewers (1.2 million – since 8/11/14), ranking as the series’ #2 telecast overall and Disney XD’s #1 telecast year to date. The series also rose to near 4-month highs in Kids 2-11 (523,000/1.3 rating), Boys 2-11 (346,000/1.7 rating) and Boys 6-11 (263,000/2.2 rating), and a 3-month high in Kids 6-11 (407,000/1.7 rating) – since 10/27/14 and 11/10/14, respectively.


“Star vs. The Forces of Evil” (9:00 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.)


·         At 9 o’clock, the special preview of “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” ranked among the network’s Top 5 telecasts year to date in Kids 6-11 (#4 – 421,000/1.8 rating), Boys 6-11 (#3 – 287,000/2.4 rating), Kids 2-11 (#4 – 523,000/1.3 rating) and Boys 2-11 (#3 – 362,000/1.8 rating).


o   “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” recorded a 6-month time period high in Kids 2-11, near 4-month high in Total Viewers (867,000) and 4-month highs in Kids 6-11, Kids 2-11 and Boys 2-11 – since 8/11/14, 10/27/14 and 10/13/14, respectively.


“Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero” (9:15 p.m. – 9:45 p.m.)


·         At 9:15 p.m., “Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero” set Disney XD series highs in Total Viewers (690,000), Kids 6-11 (318,000/1.3 rating), Boys 6-11 (234,000/1.9 rating), Kids 2-11 (421,000/1.1 rating) and Boys 2-11 (310,000/1.5 rating).         


o   “Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero” generated Disney XD’s best ratings in the time period  in over 6 months in Kids 2-11 and Boys 2-11 – since 8/11/14 and 8/4/14, respectively – set a 5-month high in Kids 6-11 and 4-month high in Total Viewers – 9/15/14 and 10/13/14, respectively.


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Source: NTI, U.S. ratings, week of 2/16/15, Live + Same Day.  2015 to date: 12/29/14-2/16/15, Live + Same Day

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